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My name is Joan Pacinabo. I'm 30 years old and the eldest of 7 children, I'm also the breadwinner of the family. I'm Filipino and a caregiver for the elderly here in Taiwan for 5 years now. I'm gathering comments and critics so that I can improve my work. Because I still have problems with my grammar, so this is one way to educate myself about the English Language. Since here in Taiwan we speak Chinese Mandarin and Hakka (Taiwan Native Language). Plus, I only have one day off once a month, so I will be bored to death if I don't write either poems, have pen-pals or just chat with people.  I have been writing since the age of 15 but in Filipino Language and Hiligaynon (My native dialect)

Blue Moon

Burial Planning

Cruel Kindness

Divine Physician

Even Just A Text Message

Eyes Like Yours

Listening To The Sermon Of The Priest

Mother Earth Is Dying

She Does Not Speak

The Day Before YOU Die

The Greatest Person In The World

The Incubus Son

The Politician With The Black Soul

The Right Of The Dying Man

The Room

The Seaman’s Wife And Her Lover


When Words Fail

Your Crowning Glory

You’re Not Brave Enough