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Glory Box

There's only one song that I will remember for the most amazing reasons, for the rest of my life. In 1996, I unexpectedly became pregnant, and at 19 years old, I was very overwhelmed. I was 2 months away from a planned trip to Australia, which was meant to last a year, hopefully to lead to more countries and more experiences. But something told me that this was meant to be. So, in England I stayed.

I have never been more frightened in my life; the responsibility of caring for another human being. Would I be a bad mum? Would I pass on my useless crazy brain?

When it became time to plan the birth, I was lucky enough to have access to an amazing hospital in Oxford, So the plan was made. My, as yet unknown, boy or girl would come into the world in a birthing pool, with dimmed lights, oils in the water and music playing.

My tape (yes, tape!) had everything from Led Zepellin to Kylie Minogue, Jamiroquai, to my new fave band, Portishead.  At 8:10 am on the 3rd of January in 1997, my perfect boy Aston came into the world to the sound of Glory Box by Portishead; a beautiful, haunting, orchestral piece of music. He turned out to be, and still is, the greatest love of my life. I couldn't think of a more perfect song for a more perfect boy.

Kellie Collins

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