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Three ways to spread your pasty


You just place the pasty on her belly and push firmly until the mixture leaks out of the sides. Then you spread it. It is important for her to go to the bathroom first because sometimes when you press down, she might wee herself. We learned that by experience.


You place the pasty at the top of her belly and press down and slide downwards so it leaves a streak of mixture all down her belly. Don’t go too far though, because it might get to her pubes. It’s always hard to lick up stuff from down there unless she’s got a Brazilian or similar cut.


You just break bits off your pasty and spread a little at a time, until you have a uniform covering of pasty all over her belly. It’s a bit like spreading cement or putty.

In all three cases, she has to be patient and lay still. That comes with practice. Kay can now lay there for over an hour if needed whilst I spread and play with the pasty. I always reward her by making sure her belly is cleaned off completely. Once, she was in a hurry, and we ended up with mixture from the pasty all over the sheets and unmentionable places.

This picture sends my man mad with desire