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What do we do exactly?

My partner, Peter, likes to lay me down and spread a Cornish pasty all over my belly. Then, he eats it off. Sometimes, if I am a bit peckish, he feeds me as well. I don’t mind him doing it at all, and it gives me a funny feeling when he is spreading the pasty all over me. He says the smell sends him crazy, and it’s true; when it’s all eaten off we have the most fantastic sex. We both end up so sticky.

I wash it all off in the end but no matter how much I scrub, the smell is hard to get rid of. But, Peter says he loves the smell of Cornish pasty on my body and sometimes he tries to get the effect again by just licking my belly even when there’s nothing there. It’s so ticklish and funny.

Sometimes Peter lays down and lets me rub a pasty on him. I don’t use a Cornish pasty. Peter says I’m not ready for that yet. Instead, I use a cheese and onion one, and once it was just salmon paste. I can only do it on special occasions though, like my birthday, or at Christmas. If I rub too much on, Peter never lets me get away with it. I have to lick it ALL off. Once I was sick. I have learned to just put so much on that I can lick it all off.

My favourite bakery