Creative Writing – how this provision works

There are a number of different pages available. You should:

 Select one you like

 Follow the instructions

 Take your time

 Complete one piece of writing


 Email the writing to

 We will read the piece and comment on it via email

 Periodically you will have a face to face Skype tutorial to discuss your progress

The course:

 Is completely free

 Has no time limits – you set your own pace

 You can have your own page on our site to display your work

 Is run by

The lead tutor on this course is Harry Jivenmukta.

Go to to see some of his work.

The main images are provided by Sarmita Majumdar, who is a photographer from Kolkata, India. All images © Sarmita Majumdar 2015.

Enjoy the course.

Types of written work

Describing people

Giving a talk

Questions to ask yourself

Picture Projects


Go To

Pictures Pack 1

Pictures Pack 2