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My Pasty Site

By Kay Ornish

Welcome to my site. People often tell me that what goes on behind the bedroom door should remain a secret shared only by the people involved. I agree with that but I have such an exceptional fixation that I need to discuss it and share it with others. I feel so alone otherwise.

I have a partner, Peter Pie-master, who shares this perversion with me. Is perversion too strong a word to use here? I don’t know. Well, anyway, I am a Cornish pasty fetishist and involve them, as well as other pie and pasty products in my love life.

This site is designed to explain how you too could introduce pasties into your sex life and what the simple pleasures are.

Finally, I want to thank Harry for being so good to me when we were together. He never made me fatten up and he even offered me this site for my use even though he doesn’t get on too well with Peter. Harry always ate his pasty with style and panache. Really, he wasn’t dirty enough for me, not like Peter!

What do we do exactly?

Three ways to spread your pasty

Belly Pictures

Pictures of my belly

over the last year